What my job is all about

My job involves wearing many hats, I organise the day to day running of my store and ensuring my team all understand what our targets are for the day and week. But, my favourite part of the job is ensuring that my team have all the information and skills they need to succeed in whatever they are doing, I love training new ways of working with my team so that they feel empowered to do what they need to do.

Why I love working for Lakeland

Since I have joined Lakeland the reason I love working here hasn’t changed. I love the family aspect or you could say the atmosphere of the business and the way they look after their people. I also love the charity aspect of the company. They are always looking to give something back.

My favourite product and why

My Favourite product is the 3 Tier Dry:Soon Heated Airer. One product I could not live without now. I have young children who I believe go to school just to roll around in the mud, and when you need a uniform for school, washed and dried by the next day, this product delivers!